a little about us

Copper was founded in August 2006, and is still a partnership between the two original founders - which allows us the freedom to only work with candidates we rate highly and agencies that we admire, and means that both get the benefit of our combined experience. We approach every relationship with a long-term view; we get to know both our clients and candidates thoroughly, we're rigorous in our selection process (at all levels) and invest in making sure that our candidates are properly prepared. We're honest, and impartial.

Sonja Smithers

I worked as an account handler in advertising at D'Arcy, Leo Burnett and latterly BBH, where I was a Business Director. I did the job for over 10 years before realising two things:- 1. that what I loved most about my job were the brilliant, creative, interesting people I worked with, and 2. that I just couldn't keep a poker face any longer through another conversation about making the logo bigger. Fortunately Celia came to my rescue and we started Copper together.

Likes:  Order
Loves:  My children
Hates:  Inflated ego
Listens to:  Radio 4 & Trashy pop
At worst:  Stubborn
At best:  Optimistic
Wishes she created:  Hans Wegner's CH24 Wishbone Chair

Celia Brasher

I started at the TV Register, where I was able to take lots of lovely junior people out for lunch - back then they were ordering competitive reels, and now they are running agencies. I then moved into account management, before becoming a headhunter and spending over 10 happy years headhunting at Braverman Associates, before deciding it was time to go it alone.

Likes:  Chaos
Loves:  Language and life
Hates:  Inflated ego
Listens to:  Radio 4 & Punk
At worst:  Will argue the toss
At best:  Generous
Wishes she created:  Francis Bacon's 'Screaming Popes'

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